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Brand Silva was born in Hidalgo, Mexico in 1993, now lives in Mexico City. He received her degree in Visual Arts in Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo, His artistic proposal mixes: Audiovisual: photography-video, graphics, illustration, digital collage, installation, mapping, contemporary art and creativity. To create digital art where use buildings, landscapes, characters, cities, elements of identity of certain regions and areas, to make atmospheres that tell stories through of the images that show.


He is interested in creating parallel worlds, where the unreal becomes real and vice versa, representing images of everyday situations that become extraordinary. Marking in his works the idea of ​​the feeling that gives color, and how it influences our way of perceiving reality and time.


Brand Silva constructs and reconstructs elements, transforms them, creates new spaces of existing ones, decontextualizes, deforms, invents or disappears, to narrate visual stories through the memory of the spectators …


In 2017 he was a beneficiary of the State Fund for Culture and Arts in the category young creators, he has participated in various exhibitions inside and outside the galleries. As the project “cubo gris” exhibition in specific site 2015, “Spatium” in gallery project cv 2017 and the first digital exhibition: Sierra in 2018. Currently part of his work belongs to the catalog of artists of the Virtual Museum of Pachuca, has a diploma in community cinema by Calenda Audiovisual in Oaxaca, Mexico, 2016. His work was published in the photobook Flamantes #8 in Spain.